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Copyright Clearance Form
The Percussive Arts Society requires all individuals to document copyright law compliance. Please complete the Copyright Clearance form including the composer, arranger, and copyright owner for each selection to be performed, even if you own the copyright. NOTE: Each custom arrangement listed must be accompanied by supporting documentation of permission to arrange copyrighted music.

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Permission to Arrange
This form is to be prepared in duplicate. After completing Part 1 and signing both copies where indicated, forward both to the publisher who will complete Part 2 of the form and return it to you. If the publisher indicates a payment for the permission you request, and if the conditions are agreeable to you, remit the amount to the publisher together with the original copy, which they will have signed, where-upon the agreement will be completed.

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Option 1: Friday, One Day PASIC Badges for ensemble participants ($25 per student)
Option 2: Four Day PASIC Badges for ensemble participants ($75 per student)

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No refunds will be issued.

A service charge of $25 will be charged for any returned checks.

Checks should be mailed to:

Percussive Arts Society
Interactive Clinic
110 W. Washington Street, Suite A
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