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Percussive Notes is published in print as well as a Digital Edition in February, April, June, August, October (PASIC Preview Issue), and December. This journal is written for professional and student percussionists. Regular sections are devoted to drum set, marching percussion, world percussion, keyboard, symphonic percussion, education, technology, career development, health and wellness, research and reviews.

  • 1/3 Page ($400)
  • 1/2 Page ($550)
  • Full Page ($850)
  • Inner Front/Back Cover ($1,250)

Corporate Member Discounted Rates:
  • 1/3 Page ($325)
  • 1/2 Page ($450)
  • Full Page ($700)
  • Inner Front/Back Cover ($1,100)
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Corporate Members receive ONE complimentary ad per sponsor year based on the Membership Levels below:

Benefactor: One full-page, color ad
Patron: One 1/2 page, color ad
Partner: One 1/3 page, color ad

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